Gamma Horizon Phone Systems

Hosted in the cloud, Horizon is paid for on a monthly basis with no capital outlay and is managed through a web portal, so there is no need for you to maintain and upgrade an on-site PBX.

Top benefits include:

  • No capital outlay
  • Free calls
  • Free upgrades and no hardware to maintain
  • Feature Rich
  • Built in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Great voice quality – with dedicated connections
  • Easy to use Unified Communications Portal

Why Gamma Horizon?

High voice quality

The right connectivity is essential to delivering high-quality voice connectivity, simply sending voice traffic down your existing broadband can lead to degradation of service. To prevent this we provide dedicated fibre connections or managed ethernet circuits with QoS (Quality of Service) routers to ensure you continue to receive the high-quality voice connections you require.


With a Horizon phone system, there is no need to change your telephone numbers when you move or when you have equipment at multiple sites.

Home, office and mobile workers can all be contacted as if they were all in one office, irrelevant of their physical location.

Voicemail settings

Using the Horizon voicemail settings users can choose to have voicemails sent via email and text for convenience. This additional functionality provides great flexibility and allows for professional, punctual communications at all times.

Intuitive software

Horizon works alongside Akixi Call management and reporting software for contact centre environments. This software is easy to use and provides a dashboard to review call data and look for areas of improvement. Access to transparent data can also lead to an increase in conversions.

Stylish handsets

Horizon supports a stylish range of desk phones, DECT handsets and conference phones, along with a softphone and mobile app to deliver true flexibility to your workforce.

Call logging

Horizon have teamed up with Akixi, Industry leaders in the provision of call reporting and walls boards to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated office. Akixi reporting comes in three levels.

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard provides an easy to read overview of your Horizon hosted telephony, user details, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and hunt group configurations, call logs and more.

Call Centre ACD

Call Centre ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) enables easy management of calls between a group or team. Gamma Horizon ACD enables the management of call flows so you’re able to control who should receive which phone calls.

Call Reporting

Monitor and display real-time and historical call statistics:

  • No capital outlay
  • View calls in real time
  • Longest waiting call
  • Calls received, answered and abandoned
  • Schedule tailored, automatic reports
  • Call Recording

CRM Integration

Integrate call control with your customer relationship management system (CRM) and increase productivity, enhance customer relations and improve customer service standards.

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