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SMART Connect

Challenging areas of poor connectivity


As more and more companies move to Cloud based services, the need for fast, secure and reliable connectivity is growing.

SMART Connect harnesses the very latest multi-link technologies to deliver high availability connectivity to meet even the most exacting Cloud Computing requirements.

SMART-Connect is our flagship business connectivity service that allows you to fully harness the bandwidth of multiple links, but it looks and feels like a single connection to the end user. We can combine any number of links, and any mixture of connection types.

By harnessing the dynamic load balancing you can use the full performance of every single link. Links can be added or removed to meet user demand without any reconfiguration of equipment on site.

This approach offers a number of advantages.

  • Aggregated bandwidth will be made fully available to users onsite.
  • Active-active load balanced configuration reduces the risk of the secondary or tertiary line not working when it is most needed.
  • Automatic load balancing means in the event of an outage on any line, all traffic will switch to remaining lines without manual intervention.
  • Lines automatically rebalance once the damaged line is repaired.
  • Active-active load balancing ensures redundant capacity is not idle, giving a better return on your investment and delaying the date when you need to upgrade.
  • User, Group and Application Awareness & Enhanced Network Visibility enable informed decision making about future upgrades and permissions.
  • Dynamic Traffic Prioritization ensures the network use is in line with business requirements.
  • EAL4+ Accredited Next Generation Security for peace of mind.