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Virtual Data Centres

Designed for you

We operate wholly-owned virtual data centres. This enables us to have absolute visibility and control of your virtual environment, which means you can rest assured that it is fully secure, backed up and manage.

This give us more control and ultimately you more control, than just dropping your services into an existing virtual DC.

Wholly-owned Virtual Data Centres

We believe the best way to ensure our Customers’ virtual data centres remain secure, reliable and fit-for-purpose is to host them on our own servers and infrastructure. This enables us to take the best technology from the likes of VMWare, Cisco and Dell to build virtual machines that are perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.

We will guide you through the transition from your on premise infrastructure to the Cloud to help you reap the high rewards of shared Enterprise class IT infrastructure.

Fast, Easy Response and Changes

Our Virtual Data Centre solutions and integrated “single pane of glass” reporting tools enable easy management of your data centre in response to changing requirements or to avert potential issues.

Remove Cost Centres

Not only can a Southern Communications VDC take away the resource drain and headache of managing your traditional hardware, it also removes the cost of asset purchase and depreciation from the balance sheet. With no upfront CAPEX, it gives you more freedom to build the IT infrastructure your business needs and deserves.

Free yourself from the Server Room

Perhaps the best reason of all to adopt our Managed VDC solutions is that you can say goodbye to your server room. No more time spent stuck in that hot, dusty and cramped box fiddling with cables – let us deal with it!